About Claiming The Crown

Claiming The Crown is a punkrock festival organised by Unternative Events & Bookings. CTC is held on Kingsnight at Publieke Werken, Breda (NL). The event used to be organised by this band called New Pokerface, but they broke up. As their booker, Unternative decided to keep the event alive with a little help of the old-Pokerfaces. With 8 legendary editions already behind us, we’re ready for number 9 in 2018!

Date: Thursday April 26th 2018
Line-up: Spanish Love Songs (USA), The Spvrk, Night Soil Men, Claiming The Souls (Bouncing Souls-covers)
Venue: Publieke Werken, St. Annastraat 12, Breda
Doors: 20.30h
First band: 21.00h
Damage: €5,00 (there is no pre-sale, be there early if you want to get in)




Claiming The Crown VIII:
Line-up: Harsh Realms, Coma Commander, March, Code Of Conduct

Claiming The Crown VII:
Line-up: Astpai, Tarantino, Dowzer, Angstgegner

Fat Mike









Claiming The Crown VI:
Line-up: Otis, NØFX, Smash The Statues, Screw Houston

Claiming The Crown V:
Line-up: Harsh Realms, The Death Traps, March, The Law Won


Claiming The Crown IV:
Line-up: Harsh Realms, The Octopussys, Dowzer, Schelles

CTC4 flyer_new

Claiming The Crown III:
Line-up: New Pokerface, Otis, Screw Houston Start Screaming, Sparky’s Revenge


Claiming The Crown II:
Line-up: New Pokerface, Otis, All On Black, Righteous Kill


Claiming The Crown I:
Line-up: New Pokerface, Otis, Straighten Things Out, Dirty Bastards


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