Line-up Claiming The Crown

Claiming The Crown 2018!
Spanish Love Songs / The Spvrk / Manege / Claiming The Souls (Bouncing Souls Tribute)
Tickets: €5,- aan de deur.

The Spvrk (Breda)
Brace yourself, poppunk is coming your way! Just when we thought the younger generation didn’t care about ‘punk’, these youngsters took us by surprise. Breda needs a band like The Spvrk and so do you. Don’t miss them at Claiming The Crown 2018!

Night Soil Men (Roosendaal)
Anyone ever heard of this band called Night Soil Men? Neither did we. When they described themselves as ‘punkrock’ we were sold. Yup. OTIS meets Against Time. Witness their first gig at Claiming The Crown!

Spanish Love Songs (Los Angeles, USA)
Spanish Love Songs is a 4-piece punk band from Los Angeles, CA. Their sound combines the energy of of drunken bar shows and the intimacy of passionate, lived-in lyrics. For fans of boxed wine, divorce and self doubt. Check ’em out!

Afterparty: Claiming The Souls (Bouncing Souls-covers)
Afterparty? Afterparty! The Bouncing Souls weren’t available so we booked these 4 handsome young men instead. They call themselves Claiming The Souls but you might know them as the ‘Claiming The Crown-crew’ or from their (ex-/current-)bands such as MARCH/Harsh Realms/The Broken Anchors/New Pokerface/The Death Traps… Let’s sing along forever!

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